After the 2018 the institutional assessment on systemic racism to identify and address structural oppression within FGC as an institution and among FGC-affiliated Monthly and Yearly Meetings, a committee was formed of volunteers and staff to support the organization and affiliated meetings to carry forward the assessment’s recommendations.

Transparency and collaboration have been a priority of this committee from the beginning. The hope is that this page will shed light on the committees work as well as help inspire and resource others in moving towards embodying an actively anti-racist community.

Current and Past Committee Actions

  • Leading Noticing Patterns of Faithfulness and Oppression trainings for Central Committee members and Gathering workshop leaders
  • Establishing Funds for Friends of Color to attend FGC programming
  • Asking all FGC bodies to use the query ‘How does this decision support FGC in its goal to transform into an actively anti-racist faith community?’ when decision making
  • Implement a Racial Wounding Policy
  • Developing forms and asking for Demographic data from all affiliated FGC meetings
  • Asking for reports from Central Committees on progress with implementing recommendations
  • Delivering yearly Gathering presentations of organizations progress

Questions or interested in joining the Institutional Assessment and Implementation Committee?

Please contact Linnea FGC’s Ministry on Racism Assistant at

Updates and Resources by the Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee – May 2019 to Present

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