In 2018, Friends General Conference began hosting virtual worships for People of Color. FGC established this practice as a result of a request by Friends of Color who participated in a retreat that summer. During that weekend Friends of Color expressed their pain of feeling oppressed in their meeting which caused them to stop attending. These Friends were clear that Quakerism and worship was core to their lives and wanted an opportunity to continue to worship in community. FGC agreed to support these Friends with providing monthly virtual worships on Zoom. These worships are provided as a place for Friends of Color to come together in community and worship in an environment with Friends who experience marginalization in their lives and Quaker meetings because they are a person of Color. During this time of the global COVID-19 pandemic, FGC has agreed to increase these virtual worships to occur on a more regular basis.

Since the initial virtual worships were establish at the beginning of COVID, the Ministry on Racism has only increased its virtual worship programing for Friends of Color out of a clear ask in the larger community.

If you identify and live as a Person of Color we welcome you to these worships. We equally welcome f/Friends to worship who identify as Quaker and those who do not.

If would like to join us, please complete the forms connected to the events listed to the right in the menu. You only need to register once and will receive regular reminder emails about the worship you sign up for.

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