Why a Retreat

Friends of Color are a small population in the Religious Society of Friends in the North America and at the FGC Gathering.  Experience indicates that the better we know each other, the better we can support each other throughout the year and at the Gathering.

FGC’s Committee for Nurturing Ministries Ministry on Racism Program is sponsoring a pre-Gathering retreat for Friends of Color and their immediate family members to come together to create a community as a resource for the Gathering and beyond. Friends of European descent are welcome provided they are attending with a family member (e.g. spouse, child) who is a Person of Color. This will be an intergenerational event. Children are welcome to join us.

During our time together over the weekend we will build our community through:

  • Mutual support and sharing
  • Worship
  • Sharing why Quaker faith and practice is important to us
  • Identifying ways to support each other throughout the week of the Gathering
  • Discussing how we can share our experience at the Gathering with our meetings

When & Where

The retreat will be hybrid.
In-person: Overnight accommodations, meals, and program will be held at the site of the 2024 FGC Gathering: Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania. The retreat starts with dinner on Friday, June 28 and continues until lunch on Sunday June 30.  Friends are encouraged to arrive Friday, and are welcome to join the retreat whenever they arrive on campus.  Friends with Junior Gathering or other responsibilities on Sunday may need to leave the retreat early.
Online: The retreat will also be held on Zoom.

Cost and Financial Aid

The retreat fee (in addition to housing and meals) will be $40 for ages. Actual costs may vary depending on type of housing selected. Friends are housed in the same room for the pre-Gathering retreat as for the Gathering itself.

FGC offers scholarship assistance to those who need it to participate in the Retreat. FGC hopes that no one will stay away from the Retreat due to financial concerns. Apply for assistance when you register for the retreat. 

Mahala Ashley Dickerson & Bayard Rustin Funds: Gathering Travel & Registration Fee Support Fund for People of Color
These funds provide grants to support travel costs and registration fees for Friends of Color. This assistance may be to attend the FGC Gathering, travel to attend FGC People of Color gatherings, or for travel to participate in committee work of FGC. The funds are designed to ensure that Friends of Color can fully participate in the work and retreat opportunities FGC offers.

Given the limited amount of money we have available for grants, and in our attempt to provide equal support for Friends, we may not be able to grant continuous support for Friends who had received aid more than two times from Bayard Rustin Fund. We look forward to a future in which we will have fewer limitations on funding. We encourage those who were unable to receive aid to seek other avenues of support through their Monthly and Yearly Meetings, as well as other sources of financial assistance through FGC.

More information and grant application for the Mahala Ashley Dickerson and Bayard Rustin Funds.

How to Register


Registration for the FGC Gathering in Haverford, PA including the pre-Gathering retreat for People of Color & their Families is now open in our Equitable Registration Period! Registration for pre-Gathering events closes June 1.

Registration for the retreat is open to Friends attending Gathering, either full or part time. When you register for the Gathering, choose the “People of Color Pre-Gathering Retreat” on the page where you are choosing workshop and housing. Choose early housing (Friday and Saturday nights) to match your housing for the rest of the Gathering.


There will be a hybrid option for Friends to attend the retreat online, as well as Gathering Evening Programs, Bible Half Hour, and worship sharing. Register for Online Gathering Opportunities here!

Retreat Organizers

The retreat is organized by the FGC Committee for Nurturing Ministries Ministry on Racism Program. If you have further questions, please contact Ministry on Racism staff.

For other general questions about the FGC Gathering itself, use the Gathering Contact Form.

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