The Quaker Roots section of the Spiritual Deepening Library offers an introduction to some key components of Quaker theology, faith, and practice.

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Introduction to the Topic

What Do Quakers Believe?

Quakers have a wide range of beliefs.  We use a variety of religious languages to describe our shared experience

Why Do Quakers Worship in Silence?

Worship is central to our faith. We meet together in expectant silence to experience the Divine Presence. We believe the Divine surrounds us and is within us at the same time. We do not create the encounter, but rather open ourselves to it.

What do Quakers Believe about the Experience of God’s Presence?

Friends experience of that of God within has led them to realize that the potential to experience God’s presence inwardly is universal. It is available to all people. Anyone, anywhere, at any time can experience God’s presence directly.


Experiential Activities

How Does a Quaker Meeting Work?

A Quaker meeting is a local worshipping community. Quaker meetings follow the guidance of the Spirit in business as well as in worship.

How Do Quakers Make Decisions in Community?

In every situation requiring decisions in meeting for business, Friends are confident that there is a direction that approaches the Truth.

How Do Quaker Individuals Make Decisions?

Because God is among us collectively as well as within us individually, our communities help us experience that of God more fully.


Conversation Starters

How Do Quakers Know When to Speak During Worship?

Ideally, spoken messages in meeting for worship come from one’s experience and are prompted by the Spirit.

What Do Quakers Mean by “Testimonies”?

“Testimonies” are what Quakers call the ways we have found to live and act based on our beliefs.

How Do Quaker Communities Nurture Interdependence?

In Quakerism, the individual needs the community as much as the community needs the individual.

For Children

How Do Quakers Support Children’s Spirituality?

Children and families are welcome in Quaker meetings.  The religious education programming at many meetings is called "First Day School"
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