Spiritual Deepening Program eRetreats and Online Offerings invite newcomers and Friends to build an online spiritual community through an exploration of Quaker thought and practice.

Spiritual growth is linked to community, and a Spiritual Deepening offering connects you with other curious seekers in an online exploration of Quaker thought, a deepening of your own spiritual practices, and the sharing of stories from your life and your personal journeys. Each eRetreat, worship sharing group, or book discussion is facilitated by deeply grounded Quakers.

Reading about [other participants’] experiences and ideas was an awe-some experience in itself for me. I truly appreciate the community who succeeded in going deeper individually and with each other. It is a rare opportunity for Friends to join together in this way.

Spiritual Deepening eRetreat participant

The work of the Spiritual Deepening eRetreat Program is made possible through the generous support of the Friends Foundation for the Aging.

eRetreat Schedule

  • Maps, Guides, and the Experience of God virtual workshop

    Saturday, September 17th 2022 - Sunday, September 18th 2022
    Time: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on their personal experience of the Divine and the spiritual guides that inspire them. 
  • Silence & Light for Quaker Newcomers eRetreat

    Saturday, October 15th 2022 - Saturday, November 12th 2022
    Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    Silence & Light for Quaker Newcomers is offered for people who are curious about Quakers or new to Quakerism and will explore the basics of Quaker theology and practice.
  • Becoming Patterns & Examples eRetreat

    Tuesday, October 4th 2022 - Tuesday, November 1st 2022
    Time: 8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
    This eRetreat explores how Quakers put faith into practice. We will look at how our experience in worship leads us to a shared commitment of living our beliefs through our witness in the world.

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