Worship is central to our faith. We meet together in expectant silence to experience the Divine Presence. We believe the Divine surrounds us and is within us at the same time. We do not create the encounter, but rather open ourselves to it.

We begin by becoming inwardly still, allowing thoughts that usually fill our attention to recede. We can help quiet our thoughts by reciting a prayer, reflecting on a sacred text, focusing on breathing, or other means. As the group settles into stillness, we increase our awareness to include the whole group and movement of the Spirit within it.

In holy silence, we can go beyond words to experience the Inward Light or Spirit. When we worship with others, the awareness is amplified, just as many candles increase the light in a room.

Some of the things we may sense during worship are love, healing and renewal. Sometimes, we feel as one in the Spirit, with a sense of timelessness and peace. We may receive guidance about a problem or a decision. The experience is different for each of us.

Worship ends after about an hour when an assigned person shakes hands with a neighbor. Others then do the same.

Worship can happen at any time and in any circumstance — such as in a home or a field. We carry the experience with us into our daily lives.

You are welcome to join us.

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