$15,000 Donor Match Challenge

Your contribution will go further in FGC’s $15,000 Donor Match Challenge thanks to generous Friends. These Friends will MATCH your one-time gift and DOUBLE the annual amount of your new or increased monthly recurring donation. For example, they will add $360 to a $15 monthly recurring gift. This is a great time to make a…

FGC is Hiring a Ministry on Racism Programs Manager

The Ministry on Racism Programs Manager works to help Friends understand and end racism and ageism.

FGC is Hiring a Young Adult & Youth Coordinator

The Young Adult and Youth Coordinator holds responsibility for FGC’s Young Adult and Youth ministries throughout the year and at FGC’s annual conference, the Gathering

Quaker Jobs Update for September 15, 2022

Friends General Conference shares the following job announcements that may be of interest to Quaker job seekers.

YAY Gathering: Celebrating Quaker Community

As FGC’s 2022 YAY (Young Adults and Youth) Gathering unfolded it was clear it was a celebration of friendship and Quaker community. The YAY Gathering drew 114 excited Friends to Radford University’s campus in Virginia. “It was like a reunion,” Adult Young Friend Aurelio Anderson observed. “As somebody who’s been on [Gathering] high school staff…

Quaker Parent Mutual Support Groups

Quaker parent mutual support groups are opening for the third year. The registration deadline is November 1, 2022.

A YAY Reflection

Marian Dalke, Gathering Youth Coordinator, presents a reflection on the YAY Gathering of July 2022.

Scenes from YAY

Friends General Conference presents to you photographs from YAY, the Young Adult and Youth Gathering, which occurred in July 2022 at Radford University. We appreciate immensely the volunteer photographers who helped to capture these beautiful moments.

An Appeal for Volunteers

Marvin Barnes, Presiding Clerk of Friends General Conference, discusses the importance of volunteers to the ongoing success and health of the community.

Friends General Conference and the World Council of Churches

On June 15-18, 2022, the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches met in Geneva, Switzerland, and FGC participated.

Crecimiento y profundización de la relación de pareja – Pasando la Voz

“Friends Couple Enrichment (FCE)” está ensayando algo nuevo: llegar a las parejas de habla hispana con una sesión de información en línea que hemos llamado Nos-Otros el 10 de septiembre. 

Couple Enrichment Updates

Here are some Couple Enrichment updates provided by Friends Couple Enrichment, a ministry to deepen and enhance relationships.


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