Liz Oppenheimer: Basics of Unearned White Privilege

The 2013 White Privilege Conference took place in Seattle with more than 40 Friends and 2,100 people total attending. This was the fourth year FGC has sponsored a group of Friends attending. Three of these Friends, Liz Oppenheimer, Joan Broadfield, and Kitty Taylor Mizuno, have shared their reflections on their experiences at the conference. This…

How attending WPC 2012 affected a Quaker living in Kansas

I attended the 13th White Privilege Conference in spring, 2012. It was like going into a lively, open city where everyone was talking about all aspects of privilege.

Understanding Racism and Privilege among Friends

Challenging Racism This resource presents some queries to help Friends live the truth of their testimony to equality, discerned by the Religious Education Committee’s Subcommittee on Ending Racism and Privilege among Friends.

Racial Assumptions

Challenging Racism This resource is an article on racial assumptions by Joan Broadfield Files

Racism Hurts and Challenges Everyone

Challenging Racism This resource is an article by Vanessa Julye Files

Interview with Donna McDaniel

I see many connections between where I have been led in some 50 years of working and my desire as a young woman to foster an understanding of democracy and equality.

Interview with Author Vanessa Julye

Vanessa is a member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, where she serves on the meeting’s Membership Care Committee and Ad Hoc Committee on Race and Racism.

Fit For Freedom Authors’ Reflection

Our research reveals surprising, perhaps to some shocking, levels of ambivalence and ambiguity in Friends’ relationships with African Americans throughout our history.


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