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Becoming an Anti-Racist Faith Community

In October 2016, the governing body of Friends General Conference approved an institutional assessment on systemic racism to identify and address structural oppression within FGC as an institution and among FGC-affiliated Monthly Meetings and Yearly Meetings. This page was created to assemble all of the resources, updates, reports about the Institutional Assessment and the Anti-Racism Implementation Group that have been distributed to Friends and meetings united in the important work of confronting racism and white supremacy.

Friends are also encouraged to explore FGC's Help Your Meeting Challenge Racism webpage, which houses resources and event opportunities for Friends of Color and Friends engaged in anti-racism work.

The items below are organized in chronological order.


FGC Gathering 2016 and the beginning of the assessment

Updates about the Institutional Assessment on Systemic Racism

Updates and Resources by the Anti-Racism Implementation Group