The Build It! Toolkit is an intergenerational community resource for meetings and worship groups.

The activities and workshops in the Build It! Toolkit are designed to

  • strengthen and nurture ties among generations in our meetings, worship groups, and churches
  • contribute to meetings’ efforts to identify and cultivate emerging leaders

Workshops and activities are for Friends from elementary-school age through retirement

10 Reasons to lead Build It! activities at your meeting:

  1. Strengthen connections as a spiritual community
  2. Learn about other meetings’ good practices to reach out to and include youth and young adults
  3. Cultivate future leaders now
  4. Reach out to young adults who have geographically relocated from your meeting
  5. Make your meeting more welcoming to younger seekers and sojourners
  6. Include all ages in your community
  7. Identify and use your meeting’s and individual members’ gifts
  8. Talk, play, worship together and strengthen lifelong relationships
  9. Empower each other and create space to listen deeply to each other and the Divine
  10. Youth and young adults aren’t the future of our meetings – they are the present

Start leading activities in your meeting – use these documents to help you prepare, publicize and lead

Time line and check list

Notes and advice on use

1.5hr workshop template

2hr workshop template

4hr workshop template

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