Meeting Resource

This resource provides leaflets to give advice to meetings wishing to build intergenerational community.

These leaflets are easy to use literature that you can print and distribute at any meeting location. These leaflets are taken from the Build It! Toolkit, a resource available from Quaker books of FGC. They are designed to give some key suggestions for nurturing a healthy and diverse meeting community of all ages.

Click on a title to view the leaflet:


  • How to Plan an Intergenerational Event
  • Intergenerational Activities for Meetings
  • How to Engage in Intergenerational Conversations

Young Adults

  • How to Make your Meeting More Welcoming to Young Adult Friends (YAFs)
  • How to Reach Out to Local College Students
  • How to Start a Young Adult Group in Your Meeting or Area

Young Friends

  • How to Include High Schoolers in the Meeting
  • How to Include Younger Friends on Committees
  • How to Stay in Touch with Teens from your Meeting After they Graduate from High School

Other Helpful Tips

  • Why Youth and Young Adults are Vital to the Religious Society of Friends
  • How to Attract and Keep Families with Young Children
  • Quaker Traditions that May Be Helpful to Young Friends
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