The following resources explain what a clearness committee is, who uses them, and what happens when you are appointed to one.

An individual may ‘feel a leading’ from God to speak or to make some act of witness, or to commit to a new way of living…

The A to Z of the Friends (Quakers), Abbott, Chijioke, Dandelion, and Oliver

What is a clearness committee?

A clearness committee is a group of Friends appointed to help a member of the meeting find clarity around a leading.

Who can have a clearness committee?

Anyone can request a clearness committee from the meeting that they attend. To read about the process of requesting a clearness committee, download the file: Steps in the clearness process

What does the committee do?

A clearness committee’s job is to help the focus person discover whether there is clarity to move forward with a matter, wait, or take other action.

The committee will:

  • Worship together.
  • Listen deeply to the questions and concerns brought by the individual.
  • Question the individual in a careful, gentle and open-ended manner.
  • Reflect back what has been heard.
  • Try to find clearness on whether the meeting should support the individual’s ministry.

If you are appointed to a clearness committee, you can read some detailed guidelines about the clearness process in the documents below.

Guidelines for Clearness for a Leading or Ministry

Clearness Process for Discerning Gifts and Ministry

Clearness Committees: An Excerpt from Sacred Compass by J. Brent Bill

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