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Companion in the ministry

The companion in the ministry is sometimes referred to as a spiritual companion or an elder. We encourage all FGC Gathering workshop leaders to have a companion in the ministry, a Friend who has demonstrated spiritual maturity and has the recommendation of his or her meeting.

The responsibilities of the companion in the ministry may include:

  • Holding the workshop leader(s) and participants in prayer before, during, and after the workshop
  • Supporting the workshop leader(s) in being open to the guidance of the Spirit
  • Concentrating on the practical details of the workshop in order to free the leader(s) from distractions
  • Modeling prayerful attentiveness during the workshop
  • Providing discernment regarding the dynamics of the group
  • Providing insights into what might be helpful in responding to the Spirit’s unfolding of the group’s time together
  • Providing prayerful, loving feedback for the leader(s)

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