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By FGC Youth Ministries Program | 6/07/12

The Build It! Toolkit  is designed to strengthen and nurture ties among generations in our meetings, worship groups, churches and in our larger Religious Society of Friends, and contribute to meetings’ efforts to identify and cultivate emerging leaders. It is both spiritually enriching and fun.

The Build It! Toolkit presents: six narrative chapters; lists of resources; templates; and 38 activities and games. It also includes 12 “How-Tos” with helpful tips and the skit, A Short History of Quakerism in 10 Easy Points. The book is practical and accessible, fun and useful for nurturing spiritual community.

Working over the past five years on a concern about a separation of youth and young adults from our meetings and the Religious Society of Friends, the Youth Ministries Program of the Committee for Nurturing Ministries has collected best practices for nurturing intergenerational spiritual community.

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