A funding resource for Quaker meeting houses

We are Friends helping Friends build better meeting houses. For more than 60 years, the Friends Meeting House Fund (FMHF) has loaned or granted over $4,600,000 to more than 200 Quaker Meetings in 18 yearly meetings. Inquiries and requests for loans continue to be received from meetings all over North America, which indicates growing, thriving communities within the Religious Society of Friends.

In 2017, the Fund began a partnership with Everence Association Inc., a member-owned, faith-based financial services organization that offers more competitive rates and loan options, to help promote a long-term, sustainable business model to serve the evolving needs of Friends’ meetings. 

The Friends Meeting House Fund supports Quaker meetings by:

  • Guiding meetings through the process of securing a loan to buy, renovate, or add on to other structures on meeting house property
  • Awarding small grants for meeting house repairs or improvements
  • Promoting more sustainable and energy efficient meeting houses through Green Meeting House Fund grants

Loans and Grants

For more information about Loans and Grants, see these pages:

Loans through Friends Meeting House Fund

Grants for Meeting Renovations and Improvements

Recommendations and queries

If your Meeting is in discernment regarding renovations, improvements, and funding options, you may find these items helpful:

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