On April 17, 2021, Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly Meetings along with other Quaker organizations gathered to share what they’ve learned about creating community and opening ways to allow Spirit to move us online. We hope you will find these resources useful in your Quaker community.


Recordings from the Consultation

Panel: What Have We Learned? Spirit and Community-Building Online

These Roundtable Discussions are available to view now:

Clerking Online                                                                    

Religious Education and Programs for Youth

Religious Education and Programs for Adults

FCNL: The Nuts, Bolts and Pitfalls of Online Quaker Gatherings

Beyond Worship: Fellowship in our Meetings

Experiential Spiritual Exploration and Deepening Online Roundtable #1

Experiential Spiritual Exploration and Deepining Online Roundtable #2

These Roundtables Recordings will available soon:

Remote Pastoral Care

Future of Worship: Online, In Person and Blended Together

Other Resources

Online and Hybrid Worship

Clerking Online

Re-Opening Meetings for Worship

Religious Education and Programs for Youth and Families



Multiple Resources

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