Whether you’re trying to buy, build, or modernize your meeting house, Friends Meeting House Fund is here to make your vision a reality. 

A Friends Meeting House Fund loan can help cover these items your meeting’s wish list:

  • Accessibility upgrades
  • Building additions
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Mechanical systems
  • Remodeling
  • Roof repair

Quaker meetings can apply for a loan from the Friends Meeting House Fund for renovating, constructing, or purchasing a meeting house. Meetings can secure a loan for adding on to other structures on meeting house property, including conserving, protecting, restoring, or enhancing the immediate environment of those structures. 

In 2017, we adopted a new, more sustainable solution to better serve Quaker meetings and keep the cost of running the Fund low by creating a partnership with Everence Association, Inc. (Everence®). 

From Matt Gehman, Vice President of Lending at Everence®:

“Since its founding in 1945, Everence has been committed to helping people integrate their faith and finances. Through its loan program, Everence offers Meetings flexible loan solutions including mortgage loans, lines of credit, and construction loans. Everence’s Meeting loans are funded by its high-impact annuity program, which aligns the priorities of likeminded believers from the faith community who desire to help grow the faith community and its ministries through their investments.”

Our partnership with Everence® means we are still able to provide an important and valuable service to Friends while having access to a larger resource pool that will enable us to serve even more Quaker meetings. In our new model, Friends Meeting House Fund will help meetings acquire the loans they need, while Everence® administers the loans. Learn more about Everence on their website here.

Ready to build a better meeting house?

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