Friends have a unique way of doing business rooted in attentiveness and in listening to the promptings of the Spirit. The primary goal is to worship together in discerning the will of God for the meeting. The following resources will help your meeting in doing that.

“Whenever we remember that we are in the presence of God, transformation is possible.  Every task, no matter how mundane, becomes an act of worship, a word of praise offered to God. This is the basis for Quaker business practice.  We call it ‘meeting for worship with attention to business’ because it is grounded in an awareness of God’s presence.   “Don’t be lulled into thinking that you are there to get the job done and can dispense with the worship.  Hold the work of the meeting in the Light. Listen deeply and speak tenderly. Begin with worship, end with worship; and call for worship whenever tempers fray or weariness sets in.”

excerpt from Basics of Conducting a Quaker Business Meeting

Essential Reading

Starting a New Quaker Worship Group or Meeting

Books on this topic

“Quaker Process For Friends on the Bench” — Book Recommendation

“Mind Of Christ: Bill Taber On Meeting For Business” — Book Recommendation

“Where Should I Stand: A Field Guide For Monthly Meeting Clerks” — Book Recommendation

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