A Message to Friends About Aiding Ukraine

Dear Friends: The scope of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Ukraine is staggering with over 600,000 people so far, mostly women and children, having crossed into neighboring countries.  Our hearts are with all those affected by this devastating war inflicted on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin.  Even as governments across the world commit to humanitarian…

Financial and Estate Planning through the lens of Quaker values

Perhaps you’re new to investing or looking to align Quaker faith into the investing you’re already doing. Either way, investing is an important way to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others now and into the future. In this workshop, we’ll look at how Quaker values can inform many of the…

Pim Halka joins FGC Staff

Friends General Conference welcomes Pim Halka to staff!  Ze will join the Gathering team as Online Events Associate.

Continuing Exploration

You may know that I grew up in the Jewish tradition and became a convinced Friend in 2000. One continuing exploration for me is discovering how and where my faith traditions overlap. My work on the Pandemic Policy Working Group is one of those places. In Hebrew a good deed is called a mitzvah. It’s…

Continuing Exploration

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of my time thinking about COVID and doing risk assessment. Should I send my kids to school? Should we cancel the family reunion? Should I stock up on masks, at-home test kits, and toilet paper? The risk assessment feels like a chaotic continuing exploration because…

Continuing Exploration

One of the “Quaker things” that has deep meaning for me is our expectation of continuing revelation. I’ve always resonated with the idea that the Divine and the earthly are in a perpetual state of continuing revelation. I believe that we must pay attention, listen, and be open to transformation if we trust in continuing…

COVID Preparedness and the 2022 Gathering

A special COVID working group has been approved to create a COVID Health and Safety policy for all FGC in-person events, including the Gathering.

Strengthening Quaker Meetings

“Many meetings don’t realize what is available through FGC,” Kit explains. “Situations arise that would benefit from eldership. Vocal ministry is one example.”

A Message from the 2022 Gathering Clerks

Please enjoy this video introducing our Gathering clerks for this year.

FGC Welcomes New Communications Manager Rashid Darden

FGC is pleased to announce that Rashid Darden has joined the organization as our Communications Manager.

Introducing, Quakers Uprooting Racism Community Practice

FGC is excited to announce a new opportunity to apply to our Quakers Uprooting Racism Community Practice cohort.


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