A Gathering Epistle From “Acting Out a New Story” Workshop

July 5, 2024 To All Friends Everywhere Eleven Friends gathered this week at Haverford College during Friends General Conference, under the theme of Acting out a New Story, Singing A New Song.  We’d like to tell you our experience even if this expression is an imperfect sketch of something impossible to put it into words. …

Statement on events of July 13, 2024

Yesterday in Butler, Pennsylvania, lives were lost and people–including a former president of the United States–were injured in a violent attack.

Reforming the Modern Prison System With Quaker Values in Mind

The modern prison system is a legacy of Quaker ideology, asserts Christina Pan, FGC’s intern through the Georgetown VIEW Program.

The Concerns of Public Ministry

by Windy Cooler I need to find ways to put my love into the world. It is frustrating but the Society of Friends does not have the kinds of relationships I longed for. What [I have] learned was a lot of people were getting hurt. A public minister in the liberal tradition, Fall 2023

FGC Office Closed December 25-26

Friends General Conference will be closed on December 25 and December 26. The office will reopen on Wednesday, December 27, 2023.

What is a Quaker Public Minister?

by Windy Cooler Throughout Friends General Conference, Friends are taking up the cause of “right relationship,” as 18th-century Quaker public minister John Woolman advocated. This cause involves addressing previously taboo issues and bringing hidden hurts into the healing light. This is the essence of a public minister’s role: summoning the courage to confront harsh realities,…

Quaker Passages: September 29, 2023

Friends General Conference has become aware of the passing of the following Friends. We hold them, their families, and friends in the Light.

Quaker Jobs Update for September 22, 2023

Friends General Conference shares the following job announcements that may be of interest to Quaker job seekers.

A Talk with Dwight Wilson

Johanna Jackson of FGC recently had a conversation with Dwight Wilson about his ministry, career, and inner spiritual life.

QuakerBooks Bestsellers of the Year (so far)

Friends are reading books on many topics, from anti-racism resources to books on Quaker practice. Click the link below to learn more.


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