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Faith & Play

Faith & Play™ support for individual teachers, religious education committees, monthly meetings or Friends schools is available. Demonstrations, introductions, one-day workshops on Godly Play® and Faith & Play™ are available. For more information on events and training, please contact us at [email protected].

NEW! The Second Edition of Faith & Play™ is now available! Buy it now from the QuakerBooks website.

Faith & Play™ is a Montessori-inspired storytelling resource that helps children find words and images for expressing their experiences of holy mystery and wonder in their lives. Play is children’s practice, hence the name Faith & Play, deriving from Faith and Practice.

Faith & Play includes stories of Quaker faith, practice and witness, told in the manner of Godly Play® (a resource to teach stories from the Bible in an open-ended way that invites children to experientially find themselves in the stories). Godly Play and Faith & Play acknowledge that God is active in children’s lives long before they enter the religious education classroom, and at the core of this method is a deep respect for children’s spiritual lives. Participants hear and respond to the stories in age appropriate ways, making the method ideal for meetings with grade-level classrooms as well as for small meetings where few children are in diverse places developmentally.

Faith & Play was created by Friends as a Quaker supplement to Godly Play and is intended for the teacher trained in the Godly Play method. Trainings are available for Friends through Friends General Conference.

For current updates on the Faith & Play™ program, check out the active Faith & Play community on Facebook.

Faith & Play™ materials are available at Quaker Books by clicking here.

It is with pleasure and a deep sense of collaboration that Quaker Press of FGC and the Faith & Play Group offer to Friends, and friends of Friends, this revised and expanded edition of 

Information about the downloadable .pdf version of Faith & Play™, now including two extra stories.

The Faith & Play Working Group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting is pleased to make available at no cost to Friends a new story, An Easter Story for Friends: A story about the power of God’s love.  We hope that the words and images in this story will resonate with Fr

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost ten years since a first Godly Play® training with Quakers was hosted by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. That weekend, we spent time unpacking the word “liturgy,” which literally means “work of the people.” That conversation acknowledged that we all – whoever we are – “work” to identify and come up with the “work” that we do to experience God.

Suggestions, toolkits, and advice for successful First Day School.

Suggestions and resources for a Quaker stewardship perspective on family.

One way to welcome newcomers, seekers, and newly-relocated Friends into your meeting is to extend an invitation to them and their families - including children.

Spritual Growth

Growing spiritually as a new meeting or worship group is vital to creating a vibrant, alive faith community.  Growing spiritually brings Friends together in exploration, sharing, study, caring, and much more.