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Understanding Lanugage Justice and Access through Indigenous Storytelling

By Marian Dalke and Olivia Pandolfi

Language justice and access is an important dimension of our anti-racism work. Language justice is the idea of a community where all languages are valued and exist in common dialogue with one another. As a first step towards language justice, FGC is exploring how to offer multilingual programming and has begun offering Spanish interpretation at some of our online events.

An integral part of language justice is learning about why language access isn’t already equitable. To do so, we need to start with a conversation about the erasure of some languages, first and foremost Indigenous languages. Indigenous peoples, in an effort to resist colonization and forced assimilation, keep their native languages alive through art and storytelling all across the world.

68 Voices, 68 Hearts (68 voces, 68 hearts) by creator Gabriela Badillo is an animated series that tells Indigenous stories in their native languages. Created in 2013 under the premise that no one can love that which they do not know, these beautifully animated short films share folktales and origin stories from some of the 364 linguistically distinct Indigenous groups in what is now called Mexico.

Watch 68 Voices, 68 Hearts (68 voces, 68 hearts).

Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian.

This article originally appeared in the February 2021 issue of Vital Friends.

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