Anti-Racist Clerking Screener

Challenging Racism

Eppchez Yes, member of the Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee | 2/25/21

What does anti-racist clerking look like?

This screener offers questions for reflection and discernment for Friends who are current or rising clerks, and Friends who participate in business meetings and on committees. 

The Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee wants to hear from your experience. We hear the call for an anti-racist examination at every level of Quaker business practice. If you have reflections to share, please email us.

For Friends who serve as clerks:

  • As a clerk are there things you have done to create more equity in meetings for business?
  • What have you learned from moments where you didn’t address structural racism in meeting?
  • What would you do differently in the future?
  • What resources and practices have been helpful to you?

For Friends who participate in business meeting or on a committee:

  • As a Friend in business meeting or on committees, are there clerking methods you’ve seen as effective at addressing and healing racism when it shows up in Quaker business?
  • Have you witnessed clerking that centers people with the most privilege (e.g. the needs of white or wealthier friends)?
  • What transformative possibilities of repair could you imagine in place of that harm?
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