FGC’s Anti-Racism Ministry: March 2021 Update

In this month’s update, we have questions for you.

What does anti-racist clerking look like?

A new screener created by committee member Eppchez Yes lifts up queries for reflection and discernment for Friends who are current or rising clerks, and Friends who participate in business meetings and on committees. 

Read the Anti-Racist Clerking Screener.

Friends of Color, can you share your thoughts on clerking for a new anti-racist clerking manual?

Are you a clerk who is also a person of color? Kat Griffith of Northern Yearly Meeting is working on an anti-racist clerking manual, and would love to chat with you! Reach out to her.

The IAIC Co-Clerks want to know…how are you using the query?

By Regina Renee Ward and Euclid Bautista

At FGC, we’ve become accustomed using what we call “the query” in our work, from staff to committee members. If you’re unfamiliar, that query is:

How does this decision support FGC in its goal to transform into an actively anti-racist faith community?

For us (the co-clerks) and other friends in the FGC community, this query has taken on a life of its own, and we apply it to situations in our day-to-day lives too. So when Friends Journal published this article in its January 2021 issue, we had a conversation around what it would look like if the editorial staff had used this query. And we got to thinking – are we the only Friends who wonder if  the query would have helped in the process of deciding whether or not to print this piece? If Friends Journal had used this query, would the results have been the same?

So readers, the co-clerks have a question for YOU: Is it our responsibility as Friends to use the query outside of FGC? And what would happen if each of us did?

Think about this in your own life and invite your meeting to do the same. Let us know how it goes: 

Send your experiences around using the query to our inbox.

This update was written for the March 2021 Vital Friends eNewsletter.

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