eRetreat Facilitators sought

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The Friends General Conference Spiritual Deepening Program seeks eRetreat Facilitators for 2022-2023 sessions.

The eRetreat facilitator will be responsible for coordinating and supporting one online offering that will likely involve approximately 30 participants over a 4-week session. The eRetreat content has already been developed, although the facilitator has some flexibility in adding/organizing the content. The majority of the interactions with participants will take place within online discussion boards and weekly video conference calls, designed to build community and go deeper into the weekly themes. The facilitator is encouraged to be an active participant in the group conversations and to set two offline “Sabbath” days per week. Some previous facilitators have also chosen to offer additional “live” interaction opportunities, such as worship sharing over a video call or daily worship times with queries and discussion boards for reflection.

Please view or download the full role description below.

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