Program Spotlight: Spiritual Deepening

When we’re doing it faithfully, what are the qualities of Quaker social action? Spirit-filled, hopeful, compassionate, clear, loving, patient, connected.

Introducing Rachel Ernst Stahlhut

FGC is pleased to introduce Rachel Ernst Stahlhut our new Spiritual Deepening Program Coordinator!

Rachel Ernst Stahlhut Joins FGC Staff

After an interviewing a number of highly qualified candidates, Friends General Conference is very pleased to welcome Rachel Ernst Stahlhut into the role of Spiritual Deepening Program Coordinator.

A Call Deeper – News from the FGC Consultation on Spiritual Deepening

FGC brought together 65 Friends “to help make the full depth, joy, and fire of Quaker faith and practice highly available, teachable, and experiential for all those who are or will become part of our faith communities.” 


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