“A Quaker Way of Living with Dying” Wraps Up Beautifully

FGC recently offered an eReteat, “A Quaker Way of Living with Dying.” The program ran for four weeks. Each Monday, 35 attenders gathered from around the US. The group explored specific instances of death, including the death of pets and the assassination of JFK. Friends also explored the spirituality of death while celebrating the richness of growing old.

Yana Landowne facilitated these calls with skill and finesse. The retreat focused on the sacred aspects of transition times. This was not a somber e-retreat, but a joyful time of sharing, thinking, and learning together.

FGC’s next eRetreat is “Building a Meaningful and Connected Life.” It begins on April 22 and lasts for four weeks. Room is available! Yana Landowne will also be facilitating this retreat.

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