Choosing a Web Host

Quaker web workers discuss the pros and cons of WordPress, the Quaker Meetings Network, and Google Sites.

This video is offered by the Quaker Communications Community of Practice, or QCCOP. It grew out of a drop-in session discussing web hosts on October 9, 2023.

In this recording, Friends share about:

  • the Quaker Meetings Network
  • pros and cons of using Google Sites
  • pros and cons of WordPress
  • Email and other communications

A list of themes and topics is below.

Please note that this conversation does not express official views held by Friends General Conference. FGC cannot advise individual Quaker meetings on which web hosts to choose.


2:00 – who is in the room, what meetings they are from, and what websites they help run
4:00 – creating websites that are maintained by professionals vs. maintained by the community
8:00 – introducing the Quaker Meetings Network and the Quaker App

12:00 – the importance of continuity, creating a web page system that different people can maintain
17:30 – same as above
18:30 – features and flexibility in WordPress

22:00 – benefits of using Quaker App from the U.K.
28:00 – benefits of a static website
30:00 – pros and cons of using Google products

45:00 – WordPress training videos
47:20 – the value of website simplicity and elegance

Quaker websites run by, or mentioned by, Friends in this video:

Nashville Friends Meeting – developed using Google Sites:

Canadian Yearly Meeting – developed using WordPress / WPMU DEV


Forward in Faithfulness – developed using Wix


Davis Friends Meeting – developed using WordPress


Quaker Arts Network, developed using WordPress:


Wilton Friends Meeting – developed using Google Suites


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