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New Meetings Toolbox

Welcome to the New Meetings Project “Toolbox”.  Here you will find a variety of basic materials to help you as you consider starting a new Quaker worship group or meeting.  Some of these are very practical in nature while others will help you think through various issues as you approach this spiritual enterprise.  You may not need every “tool” in this toolbox – just as you don’t often need every tool in your home toolbox.  Choose the ones you think best fit your situation and use them and leave the rest of the tools for a later time.  We’ll be adding new tools steadily, so check back often.

If the tool you need isn’t here, then please contact Brent Bill, the coordinator of the New Meetings project at  He’ll be happy to help you find what you need.

Quaker worship groups and meetings are dynamic faith communities.  It is wonderful that you are considering starting a worship group or meeting!  Below tools that will help you in this spiritual endeavor.

Worship is at the heart of the Quaker way.  Below are resources to help introduce newcomers to this vital spiritual experience.

Friends, as we live up to our name, want visitors to feel welcome. First, of course, it is necessary to know who is a newcomer. Various meetings have found other ways to identify and meet the needs of newcomers.  Below are some tools growing out of their experiences. 

Outreach and publicity are about sharing our spiritual search and insights with those who want to listen.

Growing spiritually as a new meeting or worship group is vital.  You will find the following resources helpful as you look for ways to go deeper together.

Friends have a unique way of doing business rooted in attentiveness and in listening to the promptings of the Spirit. The primary goal is to worship together in discerning the will of God for the meeting.  The following resources will help your meeting in doing that. 

Quakers are involved in a wide range of activities (stewardship of the earth, peace-making, publishing, and much more).  The links below will take you to organizations that your new worship group or meeting might like to learn more about -- or get involved with.

There are a variety resources available for Friends meetings and worship groups that wish to tackle important topics while learning together.  Here are some suggestions to help you get started.