Understanding Racism and Privilege among Friends

Challenging Racism This resource presents some queries to help Friends live the truth of their testimony to equality, discerned by the Religious Education Committee’s Subcommittee on Ending Racism and Privilege among Friends.

“New Meetings” project to nurture new worship groups and meetings

Friends General Conference is pleased to announce the formation of the “New Meetings” project to nurture new worship groups and meetings in the United States and Canada.

Interview with Donna McDaniel

I see many connections between where I have been led in some 50 years of working and my desire as a young woman to foster an understanding of democracy and equality.

Interview with Author Vanessa Julye

Vanessa is a member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, where she serves on the meeting’s Membership Care Committee and Ad Hoc Committee on Race and Racism.

Fit For Freedom Authors’ Reflection

Our research reveals surprising, perhaps to some shocking, levels of ambivalence and ambiguity in Friends’ relationships with African Americans throughout our history.

FGC Publications & Distribution: A Short History

By Wesley Mason Well, wasn’t there always a Publications and Distribution (P&D;) program? No, like everything else we had a beginning. While FGC always produced publications of some type, the genesis of the current Publications and Distribution Program seems to have been in 1972 when FGC first formed a Religious Education (RE) Committee. Previously, written…

Cultures of Peace: The Hidden Side of History

Reviewed by Nils Pearson Culture of Peace: The Hidden Side of History, by Elise Boulding, published by Syracuse University Press, 2000 A scholarly and compelling book, this is no easy read. However, if you think that there is too much militarism, violence and war, too many people in prison and too many fast food restaurants; if…

Publications & Distribution: Past, Present and Future

By Pat Fox The Publications and Distribution Committee came together for a weekend retreat February 19-21, 2001. We gathered at the Burlington Meetinghouse and Conference Center to finish our business plan, one that the committee worked on for the past year and would use for the next several years. Our working documents reflected aspects of…

Nurture of the Teen Group by Community Friends Meeting and Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting

By Eileen Bagus with help from Hannah Branson Because children are important to Community Friends Meeting of Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting we continue to keep thinking of new ways to make them feel a welcome part of the meeting family. Our youngest children, infants and toddlers, have a paid child care worker for worship hour…

My High School Gathering Experience

By Elizabeth Baltaro My grandfather pulled the car up in front of huge stone building. The front steps of the building were covered with teenagers about my age. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. It was the end of June in 1997, and I had come all the way from Oklahoma City to…

Young Quakes Conference an Unqualified Success

Friends General Conference Young Quakes Conference at Catoctin Quaker Camp from October 9-11, 1999 was an overwhelming success. Comments on our evaluation forms concerning “What didn’t you like?” Had primarily to do with too much rain and mud. Comments about “What could have been improved?” reported “it could have been longer.” Out of 88 Friends…

Money as Sacred

by Nadine Hoover Between a Christian distrust of wealth and witnessing massive, commercial greed, it is no wonder we react to money in emotional and dissonant ways. Matthew 19:24 says it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of…


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