FGC Welcomes Jen Ambrose

Friends General Conference warmly welcomes Jen Ambrose to the role of Development Manager.

Jen will work closely with Faith Josephs, FGC’s Associate Secretary for Development, to nurture relationships with FGC’s generous supporters and to communicate the impact that their contributions make on the organization and its programs.

While this is her first position with a Quaker organization, Jen worked in marketing and communications in higher education for ten years, five of them in the service-first, committee-centered community college sector. She’s also worked with environmental non-profits, helping with strategic planning and community outreach.

In her spare time, Jen is attempting to transform a sprawling three acres of north central Florida lawn into a lush food forest. Citrus, bananas, mulberries, cassava and turmeric are all thriving. Her grown son and two goddaughters attended Gathering a time or two and enjoyed many years of Kody Hersh leading youth activities at Southeastern Yearly Meeting. Jen’s monthly meeting in Gainesville offers indoor and outdoor worship spaces, the latter of which beckons her almost unceasingly.

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