An Appeal for Volunteers

Marvin Barnes, Presiding Clerk of Friends General Conference, discusses the importance of volunteers to the ongoing success and health of the community.

Dear Friends,

Did you know that since 1868 Friends General Conference (FGC), and its precursor conferences have provided spiritually lead support and services to Friends?  As early FGC Friends recognized, the ministry of sharing and support that we have as a gathered body have helped in many of our individual spiritual journeys.  In these new and interesting times, we find that mutual support is a very important component of finding a way forward in our daily lives with the leadings of the spirit.  As FGC works through the many changes that have come forward, we are finding that organization has a great need:  our organization is short on volunteers and our paid staff is unsustainably stretched.

We are looking for volunteers to help us support the programs and ministry of FGC. These programs include interfaith relations, on-line retreats and worship opportunities, anti-racist resources for meetings, spiritual mentorship for youth and young adults, book publishing and sales, religious education materials, the Gathering, and websites for meetings.  In addition, as new Yearly and Monthly meetings affiliate with FGC, we also recognize support areas that are new to FGC; an example being the translation of English into Spanish for Friends attending FGC sponsored events.

With the adoption of new communication techniques and tools, we are finding new ways for Friends to support FGC.  Internally, avenues are opening for new ways for volunteers to participate either within the traditional committee structure or in event-oriented participation.

Please consider volunteering with FGC.  FGC makes service easy and fun.  Where needed, FGC will provide you with training and materials needed to be successful.  Engagement is flexible and rewarding.  In a short period of time, you can give Friends young and old a helping hand in both their spiritual and daily lives.

There are benefits to volunteerism within FGC.

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Practice public speaking, presentation, and facilitation
  • Improve time management
  • Learn about the wider Quaker community
  • Make new friends across time zones and communities
  • Develop a sense of satisfaction after accomplishing tasks

If you’d like more information about FGC please visit the website. The Central Committee page will give you an idea of the various ways you can be of assistance. The Get Involved tab on the FGC website will take you to a short interest survey.  If you haven’t decided yet how exactly you’d like to serve, complete the survey anyway and someone will get back to you.

You can also call 215-561-1700 and ask about volunteer opportunities, or write to us at Friends General Conference, 1216 Arch St, #2B, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Thanks for your consideration!

Marvin Barnes,
Presiding Clerk
Friends General Conference
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