Continuing Exploration: Continuing Revelation

I want to share with you a moment of continuing revelation I had at my family’s Passover seder in mid-April. It’s about gratitude. While unprogrammed Friends don’t have a gratitude ritual, I know many Friends who have a regular gratitude practice.


Dayenu is a Hebrew word and it means, “It would’ve been enough.” It’s an expression of gratitude for what we have, even the little things. I’ve always loved the song, Dayenu, in the Passover seder. The seder is the order of events in the ritual storytelling of Exodus as a personal journey. You can listen to a sweet version of the song below.

Friends had a variety of responses when FGC announced that the 2022 Gathering would be going virtual. Relief, disappointment, even anger. I carried those feelings into my family’s Passover seder in mid-April and was feeling pretty sorry for myself. But continuing revelation worked through me when I found myself singing and feeling Dayenu. Thank G-d we can offer the Gathering online. Thank G-d our community is resilient. Thank G-d so many Friends are supporting us as we strive to make this year’s Gathering accessible and safe for as many people as possible. Dayenu.

Pause and be grateful.

Gratitude is needed most during difficult times. I’m grateful way opened for me during this year’s Passover observance.

While the 2022 Gathering may not be everything we all want it to be, I’m grateful that we can still gather and nurture one another.


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