Vibrant Journeys of Faith: The 2018 FGC Annual Report

Journeys of faith often begin with a nudge, and in time grow into vibrant experiences of Spirit…

So begins the 2018 FGC Annual Report. In this report, Friends share their journeys of faith and how FGC supported them along the way. 

We invite you to read about FGC’s 2018 achievements and get a glimpse into what 2019 has to offer. Along with FGC’s 2018 financial picture, we are sharing past audited financial statements and FGC’s financial story since 2004.

FGC is committed to the attentive stewardship of Quaker faith and the resources entrusted to us. Thank you for being part of the network of Friends, meetings, churches, and foundations that allow FGC to offer spiritually nurturing programs and services. We hope you’ll be inspired by the work we are doing together, and make a gift of support.

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