Yearly Meeting Visitors Program

Through the spring and summer many Yearly Meetings are having their annual sessions. If you go to annual session, be sure to keep an eye out for your Friends General Conference Yearly Meeting Visitor. FGC has been sending the Yearly Meeting Visitors (both staff and volunteers) for many years. As we collaborate with Yearly Meetings, the Yearly Meeting Visitor’s program allows FGC to have an informed perspective of the excitement and work occurring in our affiliated Yearly Meetings.

We currently send visitors to 16 Yearly Meetings each year. Visitors set up traveling displays on FGC’s programs and represent FGC, seeking to engage and inform members of the Yearly Meeting with what is happening at FGC. Beyond sharing about FGC, Visitors attend Yearly Meeting to listen, observe, and be present. They submit a report to FGC that helps us focus our programming in ways that best support our constituent Yearly Meetings and nurture the Religious Society of Friends.

FGC Yearly Meeting Visitors are there in love and in witness to notice how together we as Friends General Conference can help and engage effectively. They are also there to bring the ministry of their own presence. Look for the Friends General Conference Yearly Meeting Visitor at your next Annual Session and help be part of this ongoing partnership. 

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