FGC Central Committee Approves Long Term Plan

by Bruce Birchard

After five years of patient work and spiritual discernment, FGC’s Central Committee approved a Long Term Plan at its October1997 sessions. This plan will help us to prioritize the work of Friends General Conference during the next five years.

The plan flows from a Minute of Purpose and four major goals, all approved by Central Committee in 1995. The plan strongly supports the two best-known programs of Friends General Conference: the Annual Gathering of Friends and the FGC Bookstore. But it also emphasizes the less visible work of directly nurturing and supporting the fourteen yearly meetings and 600-some monthly meetings and worship groups which are affiliated with FGC. The plan emphasizes nurture of new and growing meetings, particularly in areas where there is little staff or financial support available from yearly meeting offices.

One immediate decision flowing from the plan was the approval to initiate a new “Traveling Ministries Program” (see article). Another is a proposal to offer a weekend conference or retreat each year in different areas of North America served by FGC. This will provide more opportunity for Friends who cannot attend our Annual Gathering to meet and learn from Friends from outside their own yearly meetings. Other objectives stress improved communications with Friends, making the Annual Gathering financially accessible to all Friends, increasing racial and ethnic diversity within FGC and affiliated meetings, expanding publication and distribution of resource materials, and improving outreach to seekers.

For a copy of the FGC Long Term Plan, please write or call the FGC office.

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