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Quaker Quest


Tell your story, build community, and reach out by bringing Quaker Quest to your meeting.

What is Quaker Quest?

Quaker Quest uses a series of workshops to help Friends to share spiritual stories, deepen the meeting community, welcome new life, and prepare outreach.

It affirms that the Quaker way is a simple, radical, and contemporary spiritual path, and encourages Quakers to share their spiritual experiences. Quaker Quest was developed by Quakers in England.

See the Quaker Quest Process.


How does it work?

Quaker Quest services begin with an exploratory Full-Day Workshop for the meeting. If a meeting discerns to hold public sessions, the service includes a Half-Day Preparation Session prior to the meeting's first event. Friends General Conference provides leaders and on-going support for the meetings.

Watch a video about the Full-Day Workshop at Minneapolis Friends Meeting.

Watch a video about the Half-Day Prep Session at Albany Meeting.

Read more with Quaker Quest FAQs.

How can my meeting get involved?

First, gather information about Quaker Quest and talk to others in your community about how it could benefit the meeting. Ask yourselves searching questions.

  • Does your meeting want to deepen its community and relationship with others?
  • Is the meeting interested in new ways to connect with new people in the community?

Let FGC know you are exploring Quaker Quest with your meeting.

Working with others in your meeting, bring a request to business meeting for discernment. If approved, then request a Full-Day Workshop from FGC.

Share the Quaker Quest Basic Information Packet.

What is the cost?

There is a flat fee for transportation and materials of $1000 for a Full-Day Workshop and $550 for a Half-Day Preparation Session. 

For meetings holding the Public Sessions, FGC provides matching grants to help with publicity.

Why does FGC charge a flat fee?  FGC serves meetings across the US and Canada and charges a flat fee to all meetings in order to be fair.

Friends General Conference is committed to supporting all meetings interested in Quaker Quest. If this is a financial hardship, contact Quaker Quest staff (