Quaker Quest for PYM: Now through FGC

Since 2007, FGC has worked with over 100 monthly meetings in about 21 yearly meetings across the US and Canada.

Now, also Philadelphia

Now, Arthur Larrabee, General Secretary of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PhlYM), writes, PhlYM is “asking Friends General Conference to work with PYM monthly meetings through FGC’s existing Quaker Quest program. This decision was made in the context of an on-going dialogue with FGC about ways our two organizations can reduce redundancies and collaborate to strengthen one another in our work and witness. The FGC Quaker Quest program is highly regarded and we feel confident that Philadelphia meetings will be well served.”

Larrabee noted that, “PYM is grateful for the leadership and commitment that Harry and Lois Forest have brought to this work for more than six years. They, and the entire Quaker Quest Working Group, have given countless hours and vibrant energy to supporting Quaker Quest activity in our yearly meeting.”

Whichever your meeting, contact FGC

Barry Crossno, General Secretary of FGC, said, “FGC is grateful for the invitation and the opportunity for service to provide Quaker Quest for meetings in Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.”

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