A First Gathering Story

High school student, Asma arrived at her first Gathering in 2022 after a 10-hour drive with Friends from her Florida meeting…

A YAY Reflection

Marian Dalke, Gathering Youth Coordinator, presents a reflection on the YAY Gathering of July 2022.

Scenes from YAY

Friends General Conference presents to you photographs from YAY, the Young Adult and Youth Gathering, which occurred in July 2022 at Radford University. We appreciate immensely the volunteer photographers who helped to capture these beautiful moments.

Continuing Exploration: Flexibility

“I want to share with you a moment of continuing revelation I had at my family’s Passover seder in mid-April. It’s about gratitude.”


FGC’s Junior Gathering, High School, and Adult Young Friend Committees are excited to team up for a new adventure this summer.

A Message from the Presiding Clerk about Gathering 2022

When the wind blows, the reed shifts and flows, moving with the current and remaining intact. When the turbulence has passed, the reed rises again to find that the more rigid among us—like the mighty oak that will not bend—are broken by the storm. Aesop

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