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How to Foster Community Online - A Guide for Friends Who Participate in Quaker Faith & Practice through the Web

Marta Rusek/FGC
By Marta Rusek, Communications Manager | 1/25/19


When you're the only Friend in town, the nearest meetinghouse is too far away, or physical limitations prevent participation in the life of your Quaker community in-person, opportunities for virtual Meeting for Worship and Spiritual Deepening eRetreats can be a lifeline to faith. In honor of Telecommuter Appreciation Week (February 25th to March 3rd, 2019), we're sharing tools to foster community online! Grab your computer (and your phone, as needed), and connect with Friends virtually today.



Virtual Meeting for Worship and Community Building Calls

To encourage community and a stronger connection to Spirit in a safe space, Friends of Color hold regular virtual Meeting for Worship sessions through FGC using Zoom, an online teleconference program. For more information, contact FGC's Ministry on Racism Support Specialist. (Note - for the month of September, Friends should send their request to participate to Vanessa Julye.)

Starting in February 2019, FGC invites all Quakers and newcomers who identify as Young Adult Friends (ages 18 to 35-ish) to participate in weekly online Community Building Calls.  During these calls, YAFs will engage in worship, discuss queries, and check-in about each other's lives. Calls last about one hour. Register to participate here.

Friends looking for open online worship are encouraged to check out the Ben Lomond Quaker Center Online Meeting for Worship, which is held daily 7:30 to 8:00 AM Pacific Time. 


Spiritual Deepening eRetreats

An FGC Spiritual Deepening eRetreat is an online opportunity to build spiritual community with Friends and seekers while learning about Quaker thought and practice from the comfort of your own home. Friends and newcomers complete exercises, explore multimedia materials, and participate in weekly group check-ins during each 4 to 8-week eRetreat. Our schedule of 2019 Spiritual Deepening eRetreat offerings can be found here.


Gathering Plenary Livestreaming and Recordings

When possible, FGC will livestream evening plenary presentations as they happen during the FGC Gathering, which takes place each summer during the first week of July (the 2019 FGC Gathering is June 30th to July 6th). Evening plenaries open with a period of worship before the presentation. Explore available recordings from past editions of the FGC Gathering here


Facebook Groups

Though these groups are not organized or moderated by FGC, you'll find many Friends that are part of groups on Facebook. We suggest checking out Quakers Engage to End RacismYoung Adult Friends (Quakers), and Quaker Communications and Outreach. There's even a Quaker books study group organized by Friend Emily Provance of New York Yearly Meeting, which you can participate in here. And for the Friends who are good at being bad, the Association of Bad Friends (Quakers) is an enjoyable source of Friendly comic relief.


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