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How to Foster Community Online - A Guide for Friends Who Participate in Quaker Faith & Practice through the Web

Marta Rusek/FGC
By Marta Rusek, Communications Manager | Updated 4/9/2020 | 1/25/19

When you're the only Friend in town, the nearest meetinghouse is too far away, or physical limitations prevent participation in the life of your Quaker community in-person, opportunities for virtual Meeting for Worship and Spiritual Deepening eRetreats can be a lifeline to faith. In honor of Telecommuter Appreciation Week (observed during February 25th to March 3rd in 2019), we created a resource to share tools for Friends and spiritual seekers to foster community online! Grab your computer (and your phone, as needed), and connect with Friends virtually today.

This article has been updated with additional opportunities created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual Meeting for Worship and Community Building Calls

Worship for People of Color

To encourage community and a stronger connection to Spirit in a safe space, Friends General Conference began hosting virtual worships for People of Color in 2018. FGC established this practice as a result of a request by Friends of Color who participated in a retreat that summer. During that weekend Friends of Color expressed their pain of feeling oppressed in their meeting which caused them to stop attending. These Friends were clear that Quakerism and worship was core to their lives and wanted an opportunity to continue to worship in community. FGC agreed to support these Friends with providing monthly virtual worships on Zoom. These worships are provided as a place for Friends of Color to come together in community and worship in an environment with Friends who experience marginalization in their lives and Quaker meetings because they are a Person of Color.

During this time of the global COVID-19 pandemic, FGC has agreed to offer these virtual worships on a weekly basis. The weekly virtual worships will be held on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM EDT/12:00 PM CDT/ 11:00 AM MDT/10:00 AM PDT. These weekly worships will be in addition to the already-scheduled monthly meetings for worship, which happen on the third Sunday of each month at 8:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM CDT/6:00 PM MDT/5:00 PM PDT.

If you identify as a person of Color and would like to join us for our worship, please complete this form: