Top 5 Resources for the Gathering

Here is a checklist to jump-start your registration process for the FGC Gathering. The 2024 Gathering will be in Haverford, PA from June 30-July 6.

#1: Brief Overview

The 2024 Gathering will be in Haverford, PA. Haverford is outside of Philadelphia. Gathering runs from June 30 – July 6. Pre-Gathering retreats happen 1-2 days before Gathering. People who are Quaker, Quaker-curious, and in some cases non-Quaker are welcome to attend. Gathering is a spiritual experience. It includes affinity groups for LGBTQIA+ Friends, People of Color, and younger Friends.

Haverford meeting spaces

#2: Housing at Haverford Campus

The Haverford campus is outside of Philly. At Haverford, all dorm rooms are single rooms. Thus, applying for a double room is not an option this year. However, one child may sleep on the floor of each room with a bedroll. Some rooms are grouped together in clusters. Most families choose to stay in general housing. All dorm rooms are air-conditioned. There is also tent camping or staying off-site and commuting. Your go-to page for learning about housing is here.

Photos of single dorm rooms

Please note that applying for a half-Gathering is not an option this year. Instead, Friends may apply for a Day Pass. A Day Pass does not include overnight lodging, but it includes access to large-group events for the day.

#3: How to Register

Early Registration is open April 11-23. Everyone registering between April 11 and April 23 has an equal chance of getting their first-choice workshop. To learn more about registration and logistics, see our Registration page.  Friends may also change their registration information if they have already registered.

#4: Financial Aid


Attending Gathering can be expensive. Friends can apply for a workgrant, however, to help defray costs. When a person receives a workgrant, they volunteer in a certain role at Gathering. In exchange, they receive reduced fees. Workgrants include a variety of service roles that support the Gathering community.

The way to apply for workgrants and other financial aid is by registering for the Gathering. FGC strongly recommends registering early to apply for workgrants. The early registration window is April 11-23. All Friends registering during this time will receive the same priority for wrokgrants.


Friends can also apply for scholarships. FGC offers scholarships and warmly encourages people to apply. Many Friends also receive assistance from their monthly and yearly meetings to attend Gathering. Ask your meeting if funds are available!

The way to apply for a scholarship from FGC is by registering for Gathering. FGC strongly encourages people to register for Gathering first, even if they are still waiting to find out what their scholarships might be from their Quaker meeting. If the financial aid awards do not meet your financial need, you may cancel without incurring a fee. To do this, notify FGC of your change in plans within one week of hearing from FGC with the scholarship offer. Otherwise, you may receive a fee.

#5: COVID Safety

For 2024, please note that masks are required at large-group events, such as plenaries. Masks are required in some workshops. They are optional in other spaces. Everyone will take a rapid COVID test at registration. Be sure to acquaint yourself with the Pandemic Health & Safety Policy so you understand the community agreements before you attend.

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