Give the Gift of Presence

A red cardinal perches in a snowy tree

In the preface to his new biography, Dancing with History, Quaker activist and author George Lakey states, “I find there is something deeply human about wanting to show up—to be as Latin American activists might say, ‘presente!’ One way I think of my life’s mission for peace, justice, and equality is to make it right for everyone to be present.”

As winter sets in this year, many of us are grieving. We’re feeling overwhelmed by our heightened awareness of senseless suffering and loss, and many of us are still navigating this grief from a place of isolation. For many of us, it is a real challenge to find ways to “recharge” our spiritual lives and to celebrate the gift of our faith community.  

Our focus at FGC is to support you in your spiritual life, so that you feel “presente!” in all the ways you are called to show up in the world. This includes fostering deep connections with Friends at the Gathering each year. It means encouraging inclusive environments at our meetings, including the unique needs of Friends of Color, youth, and young adult Friends. It means offering Quaker books for you to read and share along with Spiritual Deepening online workshops for every stage of your spiritual journey.

Your financial contribution helps provide vital ministries for Friends and newcomers. And by participating in the Gathering, your monthly and yearly meetings, and Spiritual Deepening programs, you help strengthen the Religious Society of Friends. Please consider making a generous donation today to support the spiritual vitality of Friends.

Thank you for supporting FGC and for being part of the Quaker community. The world is indeed a brighter place when we support each other in being presente!

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