Ellie Greenler

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It’s hard to imagine my life without FGC!

I attended my first Gathering when I was four-years-old. Having a community of Quaker kids is so important growing up, and the Gathering has been a significant touch point in my life. The relationships I made through the High School Program are among the most supportive I have today. These are the F/friends who know me in the most deeply personal and spiritual way. And I am not alone in this experience, hundreds of youth and young adults find what it truly means to be Quaker through the Gathering.

My grandmother served as Gathering Clerk while I was a child, and like her I wanted to serve my community. Today, I volunteer with FGC’s Central Committee and have served on numerous other Committees. This service has given me a fuller appreciation of the work that goes into the Gathering, Spiritual Deepening, and Ministry on Racism programs.

FGC pulls me back to the things that matter in life. While I was active with my yearly and monthly meetings, moving to multiple cities as a young adult has made it hard to establish a local meeting connection. FGC is my spiritual grounding place. Having FGC for worship and discernment is incredibly valuable during this time of my life. It’s where I can experience Quaker business process and find support for living out my Quaker values.

I’m thankful to enter this period focused on anti-racism with the lens of FGC. Being on the Committee for Nurturing Ministries I’ve seen the Institutional Assessment develop, and how much work we have to do. We are starting to see the fruits of our labor come into fruition. With the current momentum, we have an incredible opportunity to grow right now. I’m excited about what can happen!

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