FGC Newsletters: October 2019

Each month, FGC distributes two monthly digital newsletters to share updates and information about FGC and QuakerBooks – Vital Friends and Book Musings. Below is the introductory text and links to our October 2019 newsletters for friends.

Vital Friends

Dear Friend,

How do we let visitors and the general public know that Quaker communities are here and ready to help them with their spiritual journeys? Our October issue takes a look at opportunities for outreach and welcoming, with resources from the Welcoming Friend Project, the Spiritual Deepening Program, the Ministry on Racism Program, and QuakerBooks. Plus, the latest article from the Anti-Racism Implementation Group explains why it’s important to acknowledge our discomfort when it comes to addressing issues around racism and White Supremacy, and a beloved Junior Gathering volunteer describes her vibrant journey of faith.

In the Light,
Communications Staff at FGC

In this issue:

  • You Are Welcome Here: Resources for Outreach and Welcoming
  • My Experience with the Welcoming Friend Project
  • Weaving a Wider Welcome – A Spiritual Deepening eRetreat
  • Creating Mutual Supportive Connections: The Regional Retreat for Friends of Color and their Families
  • FGC’s Anti-Racism Ministry: October 2019 Update
  • Vibrant Journeys of Faith: Ida Trisolini

Read the October 2019 Vital Friends eNewsletter.

Book Musings

Dear Friend,

Autumn leaves decorate the ground in a multi-colored carpet.  With each breeze they flutter.  With each gust, they flurry upward, to gently resettle somewhere else.  It’s a quiet, gentle beauty, but my mind jumps to violent swirls in stronger winds and cold rain.  How quickly a scene can go from settled to unsettled. As with people, too, and I think how fortunate I am to live in a place of little upheaval, and how important it is to not be complacent.

The Religious Society of Friends is a religion of action, and I am inspired by Friends who walk the walk.  In this issue we spotlight one such person: Bayard Rustin.  Most of us associate him with the Civil Rights Movement, but in his later years traveled the world in support of refugees. I wonder where he would be now.

In the Light,
Audrey Greenhall,
Manager for QuakerBooks
In This Issue:

  • Bayard Rustin biography for young people
  • Sale Books offered online
  • New Pendle Hill Pamphlet
  • Pop-Up Bookstore

Read the October 2019 issue of Book Musings.

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