Read FGC’s 2016 Annual Report

Thanks to you, and to the support of thousands of other Friends and seekers, hundreds of meetings, and many funds and foundations, FGC is creating and strengthening programs and services that transform, engage, and connect Friends across the US and Canada. Our Annual Report for 2016, Together, We…, presents some highlights of the past year, as well as news of developing projects. These resources are made possible thanks to your generous financial support. Please consider donating today!

Message from the Presiding Clerk

Dear Friends,

In this moment Friends need to be deeply rooted in their faith, as Quaker practice and testimonies have much to offer the world. 

The times in which we live are calling us into our traditional witnesses of upholding the equality of all people, building peace through mutual understanding, and listening with faith and integrity. 

We have a sacred opportunity to live more deeply into the promise of Beloved Community by working together as the individuals, meetings, and yearly meetings that make up FGC. We have an opening to deepen our faith so that it can inspire us. We can make our faith more accessible to new seekers yearning for spiritual guidance and community. We have a responsibility to listen to the bold truths offered by voices of hurt in our meetinghouses, and to work toward the transformation that allows full engagement by all in our Quaker communities. 

Grounded in Spirit and the experience of our diverse Oneness, we can grow together in community, in faith, and in truth.

In faith, 

Frank Barch, Presiding Clerk

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