Among Friends: November 2016

Register for a workshop on planning and realizing a moral economy, check out a new podcast from Salem Quarterly Meeting, and read an Epistle from the recent Quaker Women in Public Ministry Unconference in North Andover, MA.

News and resources from the world of Friends for the November edition of the Vital Friends eNewsletter of FGC. 

Pendle Hill presents Visioning and Creating a Moral Economy

What does a moral economy look like, and what obstacles might we need to overcome to realize such a vision? Visioning and Creating a Moral Economy is a conference that seeks to answer these questions and more from Thursday, December 1st to Sunday, December 4th. The conference will take place at the Pendle Hill retreat center in Wallingford, PA on a sliding scale to ensure greater accessibility.  

Learn more about this event on Pendle Hill’s website.

Salem Quarterly Meeting Launches Clearly Quaker Podcast

In October, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting announced a new podcast from Salem Quarterly Meeting entitled Clearly Quaker. An occasionally-released online audo program, Clearly Quaker assembles audio recordings of lectures geared towards Friends and non-Friends alike.  

Listen to the pilot episode of Clearly Quaker now.

Quaker Women in Public Ministry release Epistle from recent Unconference

Last month, forty-five participants from eleven yearly meetings across North America gathered for the Quaker Women in Public Ministry Unconference (a participant-driven meeting) in North Andover, MA. The attendees of this gathering have released an epistle, which can be accessed as a PDF below.  

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