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New Meetings Project


Since autumn of 2012, Friends General Conference has been engaged in nurturing and supporting new worship groups and meetings in the United States and Canada.

The New Meetings Project (NMP) responds to inquiries from Friends asking for support in starting new worship groups and meetings.  Many times, the request has come from Friends and seekers in areas where there is no established meeting and they want guidance on how to nurture a flourishing Quaker faith and practice community.  The NMP has developed a wide range of resources and support for new groups, including mentoring teams of two seasoned Friends who will walk alongside a newly developing group for up to two years.

We are pleased to be able to support Friends who feel called to help establish and nurture vibrant Quaker communities. While there are many paths and religious traditions through which to develop a meaningful spiritual life, we know that many are drawn to the Quaker way and want help to begin that journey. FGC’s purpose with this project is to provide the support and tools needed to make the Quaker way visible and accessible to all seekers interested in exploring Quaker spiritual practice.

You'll find resources for new meetings and/or worship groups in the "New Meetings Toolbox." Resources and other materials can also be found at New Meetings Project

For further details about this program or contact information on how to be involved, check out the New Meetings Q&A, search on "New Meetings Project" or email J. Brent Bill, a long-time Friend and author, is the staff person for the New Meetings Project.

The formation, launch, and continuation of this project are being made possible by generous grants from the Thomas H. & Mary Williams Shoemaker Fund.