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Welcome to Faith & Play™

Like Godly Play®, with which it is designed to be used, Faith & PlayTM is

In the Faith & Play™ classroom, an experiential framework for exploring Quaker faith and practice with children is provided through

  • regular use of story in a structured environment,
  • careful pacing, including periods of silence,
  • community building,
  • mutual sharing and
  • creative play.

While created by Friends for Friends, many Faith & Play stories can also be used by people of other faith traditions with little or no modification.

There are currently eleven Faith & Play™ stories available for purchase:

  • Listening for God: A story about different ways we sense God’s presence
  • Prayer and Friends Meeting for Worship: A story about Friends gathering as a community to listen for God
  • Gifts: A story about the gifts God gives each of us
  • Queries: A story about the role of queries for early and present-day Quakers
  • Friends Meeting for Business: A story about meeting for worship with attention to business 
  • George Fox’s Big Discovery: A story about a way God reveals the Truth to us
  • The Mary Fisher Story: A story about a Friend who lived in God’s love, power and peace
  • John Woolman Visits the Indians at Wyalusing: A Quaker risks a dangerous journey to visit people with lives very different from his own
  • Love's Way: A story about Quaker testimonies for younger children
  • Living the Ways of the Spirit: A story about Quaker testimonies drawing on the life of Jesus
  • Let Your Life Speak: A story for older children about the testimonies and what happens when we live our lives guided by Spirit 
  • Included with each story text are a photograph of the story materials and directions for the storyteller’s movements.  New stories are under development and will be released as they are ready. Please note that anyone who wishes to use Faith & PlayTM resources effectively needs to have a hands-on familiarity with the Godly Play® approach to religious education.

Faith & Play™ is the creation of the Faith & Play Working Group of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PhYM) of the Religious Society of Friends. 


   Friends General Conference (FGC) provides support for Faith & Play™, publishes and markets the stories, and maintains this website.  Both PhYM and FGC, independently and cooperatively, provide Faith & Play workshops and training opportunities for Friends interested in using Godly Play® and Faith & Play.  Faith & Play™ and Godly Play® resources are available from QuakerBooks of FGC.  Call 1-800-966-4556, e-mail bookstore@fgcquaker.org or order online.