FGC Virtual Gathering 2020: Share Your Selfies!

The 2020 FGC Virtual Gathering begins today, and we’re inviting participants to update their profile pictures and share their selfies with us!

Virtual Gathering will be Pay as Led

For the 2020 Virtual Gathering, fees will be Pay as Led.

Gathering Profiles: Junior Gathering Friend in Residence

Read this testimony to learn about Becky Marty’s role as Junior Gathering Friend in Residence!

FGC welcomes Lori Piñeiro Sinitzky as the new Conference Coordinator for the Gathering!

This March, FGC is welcoming a new Conference Coordinator – and she is a familiar face in the Quaker community!

Gathering Profiles: FLGBTQC Liaison

Sean Bye is the FLGBTQC (Friends for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans and Queer Concerns) Liaison for the Gathering High School Program.

Gathering Profiles: Youth Sponsor

Did you know you can support young people to attend Gathering by serving as their sponsor?

Invite more friends to the 2020 FGC Gathering with the new online toolkit!

This year, we want to encourage invitations to this year’s week of worship, workshops, and community through the new FGC Gathering 2020 Toolkit.

Gathering Profiles: High School Counselor

In this month’s Gathering Profile, we highlight Aurelio Anderson, one of our High School program’s dedicated staff.

Gathering Profiles: Junior Gathering Parent

Since its inception, FGC’s Youth Programs have been influential in the lives of Quakers of all ages. This is especially true of Marijke van Roojen and her family.

A Sneak Peek at the 2020 FGC Gathering

The Gathering team and Gathering 2020 committee members have been hard at work and we are excited to reveal the fruits of their efforts here!

The FGC Gathering – Where I Find my Quaker Community

Regina Renee Ward describes how the experiences of the 2013, 2016, and 2019 FGC Gathering have shaped her understanding of Quaker community.


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