FGC is hiring a Conference Director

Approved January 20, 2023
Revised March 23, 2023

Closed Spring 2023

Job Title: Conference Director

General Statement: This position carries supervisory responsibility for all program support and logistical aspects of the annual FGC Gathering of Friends. The Gathering is traditionally a week-long event, held annually on college campuses in different areas of North America, which generally involves between 800 and 1200 Friends of all ages and requires a budget of $500,000 to $900,000. Beginning in 2024, the gathering will be bi-annual, and in odd numbered years there will be an in person Youth & Young Adult event and a virtual event, as well as other smaller conferences. This position provides wonderful opportunities to work with Friends from across the continent and the satisfaction of providing spiritual nurture and refreshment for a large number of Friends each year.

The Conference Director works closely with the Long Range Conference Planning Committee, each biannual Gathering Committee and associated subcommittees, many volunteers, and with site representatives. They inform and consult with other Gathering staff as appropriate, while supervising the Young Adult & Youth Ministries Coordinator and the Conference and Events Coordinator.

The person filling this position does not need to be based in the Philadelphia office, though frequent stays in Philadelphia are necessary during the months immediately before the FGC Gathering. The COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory for this position (unless you have a medical exemption). Applicant must be legally able to work for a USA based entity and will work from North American time zones. This is a full-time position.

Desired Qualifications

Education: College graduate or equivalent experience.


  • In-person, online, and hybrid conference planning and event management.
  • Financial management.
  • Supervising staff and volunteers.
  • Working with Quaker committees.
  • Religious Society of Friends, including a variety of Friends and yearly meetings.


  • Organizing complex operations; keeping track of many details.
  • Coordinating efforts of many individuals and committees.
  • Negotiating and problem-solving with others.
  • Accomplish goals working collaboratively with volunteers and committee members with whom you have limited formal authority.
  • Crisis management: making quick decisions under pressure.
  • Strong oral and written communications.
  • Ability to listen carefully under pressure.
  • Ability to work well with geographically dispersed staff and volunteers using video-conferencing, e-mail, chat, phone, and periodic in-person meetings.
  • Maintaining an affirming, service-oriented environment for staff and volunteers alike.
  • Interact effectively with others in a calm and tactful manner.
  • Working with databases and websites.


  • Active in the Religious Society of Friends or deep knowledge of Friends.
  • A commitment to anti-racism work, including on-going training, and an understanding of anti-racism work as a Spirit-grounded ministry.
  • Available for frequent travel.
  • In the months immediately before the Gathering, able to work long hours that intensify as the event nears.
  • During the week before and the week of the Gathering, able to work long hours under pressure in residential community where you will be on-call in support of event staff and volunteers.

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide staff guidance to Long Range Conference Planning Committee (LRCP) and to the annual Gathering Committees.

Coordinate and supervise all phases of FGC’s annual Gathering of Friends, in-person, online, and hybrid in close consultation with LRCP, and in consultation with the Gathering committee. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Work with the Gathering Clerks to identify members of each Gathering Committee.
  • Orient and remind Gathering Clerks and subcommittees about their responsibilities.
  • Develop and lead, as needed, sessions on anti-racism for the Gathering Committee and LRCP.
  • Assist LRCP and the Gathering Committees in making timely decisions and sticking to the necessary timelines for the Gathering and any other conferences.
  • Explore and develop possible sites for future Gatherings and conferences.
  • Negotiate contracts with host institutions for all facilities, services, and costs.
  • Coordinate the scheduling of Gathering activities for all age groups.
  • Receive proposals for pre-Gathering events and collaborate in implementation decisions. Arrange for on-site support for pre-Gathering events.
  • Coordinate the development and distribution of promotional materials using a variety of media.
  • Coordinate the preparation of text (including much direct preparation) for the Advance Program and final program for each Gathering, and oversee final preparation and distribution.
  • Oversee development of the on-site check-in process and information desk at the Gathering.
  • Work with financial staff to oversee procedures for appropriate handling of monies and record-keeping before, during, and after the Gathering/conferences, and approve payment of all bills.

With The General Secretary, FGC Fiscal & Property Manager and Finance Committee, prepare, revise, and manage the budget including: conference fees, awarding scholarships/work grants.

Supervise Gathering support staff and volunteers who carry major responsibilities at the Gathering.

Participate fully in program staff responsibilities in the FGC office including consulting about small conferences and consultations when requested. 6. Implement FGC’s Pandemic Health and Safety policy.

Visit yearly meetings as a staff representative of FGC.

Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Supervisor: General Secretary
Hours: 100% Time (Exempt)
Supervises: Young Adult & Youth Ministries Coordinator, Conference & Events Coordinator
Salary Range: Band 3; expected hire range $63,000- 69,000, plus full benefits.


To apply for this position, please click here to upload in one single document your resume, cover letter, and three references. Applications will be accepted until Friday, February 24, 2023.

This position is now closed.

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